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4.1. What is it? Do I really need one?

To evaluate all Dragster features the customer can confortably use our Dragster Evaluation Board. Is a simple system that provides means to configurate the sensor registers and outputs data via Camera Link. Is also a quite flexible system which firmware can be adapted to customer needs.

As a new customer do you really nead one? It depends on your flexibility to create and adapt electronics. If you are used to image sensor testing you maybe have your own "Evaluation board" or "Image processing Unit" and you need only to design an easy connector adapter to our sensor and your electronic evaluation board.

If don't include yourself in this category, Awaiba recommends to acquire one because of the following advantages:

 - pre tested and fully functional state machine with all control signals created

 - possibility to test several sensors (all resolutions, all pixel sizes) with only one piece of hardware

 - full remote customer support ( also on site, if required)

 - stable system that Awaiba develloped and knows completelly and that as constantly beeing improved

 - easy to debug and easy to re-configure according to customer needs

 - compatible will all commercial grabbers on the market

 - communication cable and power supply included. Camera link cables not included


If you don't have any electronics and you don't know what do you need to test our sensor, here is a short list:

 - Complete PC (or laptop) with digital frame grabber with Camera Link input - we recommend the customer to use/buy a grabber with at least one Camera Link Full interface - no special request on the computer but the faster the better!

 - Evaluation Board - communication cable and power supplu included

 - At least one Camera Link cable. The Evaluation board supports up to 4 Camera Link outputs and the more outputs that can be connected the faster the image sensor can run and output the full image

 - Lens Holder can also be provided if requested

 - No lens or image target is included



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