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1.1. Sensor reference - what does it mean?

Awaiba's Dragster complete linescan sensor familly is the most complete range of linescan sensors on the market. 

For users to identify our products they need to get familiar with our designators.

Taking the DR2K7LCCRGB as an example: 

- DR stands for Dragster

- 2K means 2 times "1K" resolution and "1K" means 1024 pixels. If, for example, it's a "16K" it means that this sensor has 16 x 1024 = 16384 active pixels. Fhrthermore, if it's indicated 2x2K means there are 2 lines of 2K pixels one over the other.

- 7 it's the pixel size in microns. Because the pixels is square, we use only a single value to designate the pixel size. 

- LCC is the type of package ("Leadless chip carrier") and it's a special type of package. If there's no indication after the pixel size it means the sensor is offered in an INVAR package

- RGB means it is a color sensor. No RGB ending means the sensor is Black and White

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