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2. NanEye Viewer API

Get the Latest Awaiba Viewer version and Cesys USB Driver can be found under the following web page, Please find under the following link our latest NanEye  C++ API for with Multicamera capability :

To use the NanEye Viewer API on Matlab you should:

Load the .dll file and the corresponding header file:

loadlibrary('awcore.dll', 'interface.h')

There is also a small c code example and also pdf document showing how to use the API funtions and this can be easilly implemented on a Matlab m-file .

Recomendation :

At the start of the sensor, you should put the digipot value at the minimum, 1.81 in this case, and then, after a Sleep, put it at the value that you want. Then you can change the digipot normally.


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