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7. NanEye Flat Ribbon Cable

Our standard product has 2 meters cable, shorter length can be easily done. We have also assembled cameras with 3 meter cable, but the performance is not guaranteed in therms of frame rate since the data integrity is slightly affected.

We normally advise our costumers to use an LVDS repeater device, though we don't have any standard solution. If you decide for this approach we can help you on the circuit design and component selection. Please let us know if you need help on this.

At the moment Awaiba offers two mounting solutions, as shown below.

Soldered dipped 90:

Soldered dipped (Bended):

Recommended Bending Radius:

For a low stress long term usage, we recommend a minimum bend radius of 0.06"/1.5 mm. For fixed installation this can cut in half 0.03"/0.75 mm.

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