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1. Fiber Optic Light Source

Evaluation set with fiber illumination:




The whole assembly will come with the following diameter:

Camera + 0.5mm fiber optic diameter + distal tip

Total diameter = 3.0mm

Average Light intensity figures of each solution are stated below. Measurements were always at the center of the light cone, ie on the optical axis in the extension of the fiber:


POF fiber with 0.5 mm diameter, 2m cable length:


POF fiber with 1 mm diameter,  2m cable length:

The fiber in measurement 1 is very high quality and has a much lower attenuation than that used in measuring 2.

From these measured values ​​can also be used for other distances. The illuminance is 1 / (distance) ^ 2. This means, for example, for the measurement of 0.5mm POF at a distance of 30cm, 39 lux measured, then in 3 cm from the 100-fold value is expected, ie 3900 lux @ 3cm distance.

For the Stereo Camera the illumination Solution available is the following:



 Please find attached the document


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