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2. LED Rings


 The LED ring can be assembled as an option to the NanEye camera module. 



The 4 LED's are supplied with 12V – 16V and I (standard) of 10mA over a separate cable pair to the standard NanEye assembly:



Currently we have available two LED ring solutions: 2.4mm PCB's dimensions


Theoretical Light Intensity:

  • 2.4 mm LED Ring - outputs 1.2 cd for a 130º apex angle, giving a total of 4.3 lm .


Experimental Light Intensity:

PowerMeter set to Blue, 470 nm, at 4 cm distance with LED Current 5mA


White Target and Dynamic Range at 50% with LED Current 5mA


When using the NanoUSB2.2 Board you can control the LED intensity through NanEye Viewer Software, as shown in the picture below:



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