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1.3. How many each cells can ROI be set?

On each 2.5k segment you can set the ROI start and the ROI end address. ROI is mainly meaningful on 2.5k and 5k sensor resolution versions, as in 5k you can set the ROI starting at any position, and ending in the most right column, while on the second segment you would be starting the ROI on the most left column and end it at the desired position. Like this the line readout time is the same on both segments, and you can increase line rate proportional to the reduction of pixels read out.

The ROI is the same for all 4 lines. (In principle it is possible to set a separate ROI address for the 2 lines read out on tap and for the 2 lines read out on bottom, but we do not see a use case for this and don't support this feature even if the sensor can be operated in this way)

If you use 4LS-10k you can set a separate ROI address on each of the 4 segment's, but using the ROI in this case will lead to gap's in the image data acquired.

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