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4.2. Evaluation Board firmware - what do I get?

One of the big advantages of Awaiba's Evaluation Board is that is highly configurable. This means Awaiba can adjust it's firmware so that it achieves the performance expected.

Dragster linescan sensors are known to have a huge data amount that has to be handled. This amount of data is proportional to the resolution of the sensor and operating speed and has to be matched to the Camera Link interface used and to the grabber limitations. 

Customers are free to get in contact with Awaiba devellopment team (via and request for a suitable firmware. Most cases is something Awaiba already develloped and tested and it's easy to include in the Evaluation Board prior to shipping. 

By default we have an FPGA code that reads out all sensors over 1 Camera Link, base connector, capable of operating the sensor with maximal line rate however discarding lines if the data rate coming from the sensor exceeds the data rate that can be transmitted over one base Camera Link connection. Alternatively we have specific FPGA codes that can support the sensors with full data transmission using up to 4 Camera Link base or 2 Camera Link medium configurations.

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