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1.2. Writing and Reading Registers to Sensor

To correctly write to sensor all timings must be active so to say MCLK must be provided .  The correct sequence is the following: 

  1. Write to Registers
  2. Send UPDATE request 
  3. Send Start READOUT 
  4. On the falling edge of LVAL the register will be updated .
  5. Read Registers
  6. Send UPDATE Request ( work around to solve the reading bug)

The spec says four extra clocks should be sent at the end of a write,  but we have implemented with 5 , but there is no problem with that.

You can perform the update at the end of the writes but I recommend you keep writing the update request after each individual register write. Writing a 0x06 to reg 0x1 can be done at the end of the writes


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